The System


We serve players from all age and skill levels.
We have 4 Skill levels within our System 
College / Pro Player Program
College Futures Program – HS Players
All Star Program – Experienced Youth Player Program
Rookie Program
The program that we place you in is determined  by your skill level, goals and appetite for learning while we factor in your age, and grade level as well.
From video tape we can determine which program would best suit a player and after a conversation with the player and or parent it is is usually easy to determine where that player would most benefit from our unique training program. 
The player should be comfortable with the frequency, intensity and difficulty level of the level we place him in for maximum developmental progress.
We have had 19 year olds who never played before join our Rookie Program and receive a college scholarship 3 years later.
We have had 9 year olds participate in our College Futures Program and wear everyone out because they loved the game so much and could keep pace with the big guys.
The intensity level, frequency that we practice and the floor level of the program content are the key variables.
We want you to be challenged, have fun and bring your game to a new level as fast as possible.


College / Pro Player Program: This program is for our best and most experienced players. These players are current or ex professional players or current college guys looking to tweak, improve, get in top shape or rehab and have continued success.
This program is our most comprehensive and most intense program featuring 2 sessions daily for 2-3 hours each 5 days a week with a 2 day recovery cycle with an emphasis on metric evaluations. Our most recent International pro guy was a 22 year old RHP NDFA released by the Mets. We helped him find 7 mph more with a few small adjustments and a great workout program and he was signed with the Marlins after 4 months with us. 
Our most recent MLB draft pick was signed for 700K and is tearing up AA touching 98 with a 1.03 ERA.

College Futures Program: This is for the rising 9th to 12th graders who are looking to make an impact at the high school and showcase circuit as we prepare them to compete for a college baseball scholarship.  This program typically features 3 intense sessions daily with loads of instructional material you have never been exposed to.

Our guys have scored scholarships at Stanford, Vanderbilt, Miami, Florida, and LSU.
All Stars: This is for the experienced young players who have a passion for the game and want to dominate now. This program alternates between 2 sessions daily and 3 sessions daily to allow for recovery periods as the training gets intense at this level.

Rookie Program: This is for our players who are just getting started regardless of age and require a less intense pace, but want to receive a thorough presentation of the basic fundamentals, have a lot of fun and improve quickly. This program features 2 sessions daily with 1 – 2 days off to recover.

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