Academy Location FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about our location

We are located in the small beach town of Juan Dolio, a tourist destination 20 minutes east of Santo Domingo airport. We are 15 minutes away from 28 MLB Camps.

We are located at our private and enclosed complex named Hacienda de Flores in Juan Dolio. The address is Calle Luna Barrio 11 #22, Juan Dolio. We are located on the north side of Juan Dolio. On the GPS system, the name Luna is used to designate our street.

Yes. Juan Dolio is a small quiet beach town for tourists and prominent Dominicans and it is very safe, clean and quiet.

4 minutes by car and 12 minutes walking.

Our enclosed private villa/complex is on a dirt road in a rural area of north Juan Dolio.  The area is quiet and safe.

Yes. We have a 4 star hotel named Emotions by Hodelpa nearby and there are 2-3 other 3 star hotels nearby. In addition there are many hundreds of beach front condos and apartments for rent by owner. Also, there are many smaller hotels nearby which feature economy pricing and ez beach access from $35 upwards per night.  If you Google, “rooms for rent in Juan Dolio” you will see that you have many options.

Yes. Depending on space availability we have 1-2 bungalows and a bedroom in the Main House set up for visiting parents. The deluxe bungalow can handle up to 4 persons and is air conditioned, with a kitchenette.

Yes. Spanish, Italian, Argentine among others.

Yes. Juan Dolio is set up for tourists so it has a major bank and many small retail stores including pharmacies, pizza parlors, ice cream shops, internet cafes, delicatessens, dry cleaning, laundromats, emergency care centers, grocery stores, and much more.