About us

About Us

Top 10 Baseball Academy is a baseball developmental organization based in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic.
Our students attend our academy in the DR year round for both baseball and college prep classes. 
We provide 1 on 1 and group instruction year round, ongoing instruction and player developmental services and more.
Our specialty is training players, we are open 364 days of the year. 
All of the players that train with us full time will go on to become college or pro players.

Baseball is a sport of repetition. Yes, it helps to be 6’4 with a power arm, but if you take a look at some of the best players in the game today, Altuve, Pedroia, Betts, Bradley, or if you look at the roster in Cooperstown, you will see that many of the players do not measure up to what scouts are looking for. 
Learning the correct body movements and then the techniques, in the correct sequence and polishing them over and over again until it is second nature is one of the secrets to developing a player. 
Teaching is art and science combined skillfully. 
Attempting to teach with the traditional baseball practice model of: practice until you get it correct is outdated and not very scientific. 

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