Baseball Academy FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about baseball

We have signed over 70 players to MLB contracts and another 80 or more to college scholarships. Our most recent signing was for $750,000 with the Florida Marlins. We have had 10 first round selections each receiving over $1,000,000. Our players have been National Gatorade Player of the Year, Palm Beach Player of the Year, won the NCAA World Series, appeared in MLB Home Run Derby and MLB World Series. They have played on Team USA, Team Israel, Team Holland, Team France and won medals in dozens of International Tournaments.

First off, our approach is very unique as it is a careful blend of what has been successful in the past and what is successful today

Second, we have been blessed with many great players and families over the years.

Third,  we have had many great coaches mentor and assist us as we matured and developed our various processes.

As an example, we are blessed to be one person removed from the great Ted Williams via Coach Harvey Krupnick and these hitting philosophies and unknown techniques are embedded into our hitting program.

Ted Williams was light years ahead of his peers and his teachings are used by virtually all MLB instructors to this day.

We have traced the success of modern day pitching programs back to the philosophies taught by Johnny Sain who spawned the great Yankee and Brave pitching staffs that dominated MLB for decades. Then we mixed in the new science based approaches developed by Tom House and Driveline and The Pitching Ranch using modern science based metric approaches.  And then we studied how the Cubans and Dominicans created the most powerful baseball programs in the world and over the course of many years we have blended it all together for our players benefit.

We have 7 different programs at Top 10 so it depends on which program you are attending and for how long you will be here. The full time students average about $400  per week all included and the short term vacation students average is slightly more.

The tuition is all inclusive as it covers room, meals, training, conditioning, evaluations, video tape sessions, assessments, practices, games, bottled water, wifi, and transportation to any fields we visit.

We train 2 or 3x a day Monday thru Friday and 2x on Saturday. This is a full time training program without the fluff.

We train on site at the complex, the nearby beach and we have 3 MLB sized fields.

We start early in the morning with conditioning, slide into skill development, then give you time to work on your personal custom program. Then later in the day we do team practices, skill development, batting practices and bulllpens or games.  The whole idea is to make you stronger, more flexible, smarter, smoother and more efficient so training full time is the key starting point.

After a pain and anatomical assessment, we do a full 5 tool evaluation using high speed video tape to isolate sequential chain movements. This allows is to recognize strengths and inefficient movement patterns. With this information  collected and analyzed, with  your input we design a custom training program for each player. We focus on building a players athleticism, working with his strengths and eliminating incorrect or non essential movements which might be constraining his performance or risking him to future injury. Then using a progressive modular approach we fine tune the various actions and sequential movements contained within hitting, throwing, fielding and running so that his tools can be smooth, fast, efficient and powerful.

We can send you a registration package by e-mail or you can submit your information  here and we will be in touch with you.

We use Zelle and Paypal for your convenience.

Our summer time players average 3-6 weeks. Our full time students average 3-6 months. 


Our program is flexible on time frame.

Here, on site. We have 10 buildings on campus. We have 5 private houses and a dorm style bunk house. We have a commercial sized kitchen, dining room, gym area, batting cage, field area, living room, rec room and swimming pool.

Our coaches live on site 24/7. 

We have a separate building which holds our commercial kitchen and dining room.

We have a full time cook who prepares all meals.

Breakfast is usually pancakes, hot cereal, french toast, egg sandwiches or cold cereal with juice.

Lunch is typically Dominican with rice, meat, vegetables and salad. 

Dinner could be spaghetti, lasagna, chicken, beef, vegetables, potatoes, hamburgers and salad.

On arrival we will interview you to see if you have any allergies, or foods that you can not have or do not like. Then we will find out what you really like to eat and go forward from there.

Our program is open enrollment and does not have start and end days. You can arrive and leave on any day you choose. 

Usually we play 1-2 games a week.

Live at bats are what we all want and pay for. Live at bats are critical to developing hitters. Games in the USA only provide 2-3 live at bats. We do live batting every day at the camp so all hitters will receive numerous live at bats every day in addition to his t work, soft toss and skill sessions.

Competitive and lively but lacking some of the formal structure we see in the USA. The games are meant to develop players during live action.

Yes. We see scouts a few times per week usually.

Wood bats are preferred. Younger players can bring a metal bat but players 14 and up should be working with wood exclusively while training. If you are staying for more than a week or so, bring multiple bats and multiple pairs of batting gloves.

Yes, by all means. We encourage you to observe the training and conditioning from the patio or restaurant and photograph if you wish. 

No. Many of the players at the camp do not speak Spanish. 

This varies throughout the year from a 50-50 ratio in the winter to a 75% American to a 25% Dominican ratio in the summer.

Extra food, beverages, and gratuities for the wait staff and Dominican coach staff.

This is very difficult. They do not have a govt.’ organized mail delivery system as we do in the USA. UPS and Federal Express have the beginning of a delivery service but mostly for documents and we have only seen evidence of it in the City and not the outlying areas.