Baseball Tools

Baseball Tools

Modern Baseball has 8 Key Tools.
    • Body
    • Speed
    • Arm
    • Glove
    • Hitting Mechanics
    • Hitting Power
    • Makeup
    • Vision

The days of evaluating the basic 5 tools are long gone.

As an example, Mike Trout is considered a 5 tool player, but if he was missing any of the 8 he would not be considered a 5 tool player.
One could argue that the sequential chain,  kinematic sequencing, 3 plane mobility, linear and rotational components, functional strength and flexibility are now recognized as critical tools for baseball players and need to be added to the list but in recognition of their importance and relation to throwing, hitting and fielding we address them in each tool separately, so we have them integrated into our protocols.
Position players need to develop all 8 tools or they will have a brief career. Young players up thru high school need to focus on all 8 tools.

Once players become older and are in the final year or two of high school or entering college, many of them will become pitchers only by trade. For these players the focus will then change to developing the specific skill sets needed to be an elite pitcher. At this point 5 of the above tools serve as the foundation and starting point for pitchers. 
The position player needs to continue developing all 8 of the tools.
As an incoming player to the academy, you simply need to tell us which position or tools you want to focus on and for how long you will train with us. Then after our assessment and evaluation where we establish your strengths and areas that require improvement we will develop a custom program specifically for you.
Once you know what you want to focus on, you simply need to decide when you will arrive  and for how long your training program will be for.
You can join us in any of the following formats:
Summer Program: 1 – 8 week
Extended Stay Program: 9 – 13 weeks
Full Time Program: 13 – 52 week
Virtual Academic Program: 13 – week Semester
Spring Break / Winter Holiday Program: 1 week
Power Arm / Power Bat Program: 4 day weekend event

All of our programs are “All Inclusive Packages” which include:

    •  Airport Reception
    • Airport Transfers
    • Anatomical Assessment on arrival
    • 5 Tool Evaluation on arrival
    • Video Tape Evaluation
    • Customized Personal Development Program
    • Semi Private Housing
    • 3 Meals Daily
    • Bottled Water
    • Professional Coaching Daily
    • Metric Evaluations on Arm and Bat



  • Morning Conditioning Workout
  • 5 Tool Development Daily
  • Group Instruction
  • Team Practices
  • Clinic Style Instruction
  • Games
  • Practice Jersey
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pool Access
  • Access to Training Equipment 24/7
  • All Ground Transportation required for games and practices

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