Welcome to our photo gallery where you can see many of our areas and activities that we hope you can be part of soon.

The Top 10 academy has a classroom for the development and theoretical learning of baseball. For us it is very important that our students can handle all necessary baseball techniques, from holding a bat correctly to how to hit a ball and be successful.

Also, our classroom: Students go online daily whenever their academic schedule requires to complete the courses needed to attend high school or universities in the USA. Their baseball schedule revolves around their academic schedule.

Academics first and Baseball second.

No Grades = No Baseball.

Training at the Beach

Stretching and work out in the field

Food, bedrooms and recreation areas.

At Top 10 baseball, you will not only benefit from the classes and training of our program, but you will also have the opportunity to try a wide variety of foods rich in proteins and minerals from different cultures. You will have access to the recreational areas and you will be able to choose the type of room you like, whether it is a private or group room.

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