Hall of Fame

At last count we had 11 players who received over 1 million dollars at signing bonus time and 4 players signed for just shy of 1 million. One of our players recently eclipsed the 65 Million dollar earned mark as a MLB player. 

We had 10 first round picks, and 80 other players who signed MLB contracts.

We had another 100 plus earn college scholarships to LSU, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Miami and many other colleges. 

Our Hall of Fame is a collection of our Favorite  Players who played the game hard, made the  adjustments asked of them,  accomplished much, were so much fun to coach and go into battle with and were winners both on and off of the field.

Yes….. Some of our MLB players may have earned more money or had more fame but our criteria for our Hall of Fame is our criteria and it is not about the money they earned or the batting average or their ERA in college or in professional baseball. 

These are our favorite players that worked hard, sacrificed, embraced loyalty and the player development process and accomplished much in baseball and life. 

Welcome to the Top 10 Hall of Fame

Mike Vass – Brewers

Mark Trumbo – Angels and Orioles

Chris Matulis – Brewers

Jake Eder – Marlins

Shawn Zarraga – Brewers and Dodgers

Hainly Statia – Angels

Louis Savastano – Indy Ball

Wade Korpi – Marlins

Chris Armstrong – Nationals

Devon Travis – Blue Jays

Junior King – Indy Ball

Aaron Brill – Indy Ball

Sammy Peralta – White Sox

Alex Pepe – Blue Jays

Dominic Jose – Yankees

Matt Ellmyer – Wofford

Eamon Breslin – Army

Shane Connell – Indy Ball

Mark Jigarjian – Stetson

Tom Burnett – West Texas

Peter Moforis – Palm Beach Atlantic