In 1998, we were the first sports team designated by President Clintons Ambassador Program to Cuba and therefore the honor of being the first baseball team from the USA to visit and compete there since the embargo was imposed in 1958. Sports Illustrated took this iconic photo In Regla, Havana as we received an 11 page write up of the historic event. This team was composed of players and coaches from the West Boynton Little League who were the 14U District 7 Champions that year. Wade Korpi was our opening day pitcher and he later went to Notre Dame on a scholarship before playing for the Florida Marlins for 8 years.

The following year we brought TEAM USA 14U to Havana, Santo Domingo and Caracas with elite players from across the USA, winning 2 Gold and 1 Bronze medal in the Pan Am Games. 10 players from that team went on to play Major League Baseball. Since then we have made over 150 baseball trips abroad with our teams and players.

Top 10 is a Florida based baseball academy who came to the Dominican Republic 7 years ago and established Top 10 Dominican Baseball after spending many years coaching, teaching and competing in the USA, Canada and Cuba.

Our coaches together have over 150 years of experience in baseball coaching Little League, Travel Ball, Perfect Game, Team USA, high school and professional baseball.

We and our players have won Championships at every level of baseball. Our players have competed in the World Series, All Star Game and the MLB Home Run Derby.

Two years ago we had a pitcher on the mound for the University of Tampa when they won the D2 Championship and 2 days later we had the winning pitcher on the mound for Vanderbilt when they beat Michigan for the D1 Championship.

We have played, coached and taught baseball in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Aruba, Ireland, St Martin, Africa, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.

We have had 10 first round selections with each of those players receiving in excess of $1,000,000 dollars. In addition, over 80 of our students have signed MLB contracts and another 100 students have received college baseball scholarships to universities such as Stanford, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida, LSU, Yale, Brown, Virginia and many others.

We have worked as scouts for various MLB agencies and we have represented International players at the signing table.

We have scouted and worked at over 100 Perfect Game events.

Over time, we have developed a unique style of player development, which is a blend of the best philosophies and protocols available. Our program captures and integrates every successful baseball style seen in the last 100 years. This includes the old school philosophy of no excuses, outworking your opponent and playing hard between the lines and then combining that with the looseness and fun and swag we have seen from the Latin baseball players together with new age math and metrics where we measure spin rates, exit velocities, launch angles, ground forces with knee flexion angles in relation to hip to shoulder differentials and quantitative elbow analysis attained post external rotation. At Top 10 we have it all. 

If you want to experience something new and exciting which will improve your game faster than any program available anywhere in the world, make the trip. We guarantee you will leave a much improved player.