Academy Optional Programs FAQ

Yes. We have a classroom, library and Wi-Fi system for students of all ages.

  • Online High School or College Classes.
  • English Class.
  • Spanish Class.
  • Private hitting, pitching or positional lessons.
  • Baseball Vision Testing.
  • Baseball Personality Test.

Yes. There are many options:

  • City tours
  • Beach excursions
  • Safari Adventures
  • Golf
  • Fishing 
  • Surfing
  • MLB Games and more.

Yes, the minimum time for this type of training is 1 hour.

The cost will depend on what area the player wants to focus on, the usual price is $25 per hour. The player must be prepared to work very hard, since we turn 1 hour of practice into 5 hours of training for war soldiers. This training option is available every day of the week.

Yes, we have the necessary methodology available to define the development of a baseball player in the future (GUARANTEED). We work with professionals and experts in the science of baseball. Evaluations are carried out physically, virtually and through playback videos.

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