Core philosophy at Top 10 Acadedemy

The Top 10 Baseball Academy was established on the founding principle of changing young players lives through professional and science based instruction in a positive but challenging environment.

After 50 plus years of baseball experience I believe most kids want to be successful but do not understand exactly how to achieve that success. Every year many thousands of baseball players fall short of attaining success because traditional baseball practices, lessons and playing for travel teams falls far short of what is needed to advance to the next level.

Unfortunately we hear this every day from parents and players alike, but only after a lot of time and money has been wasted. Parents usually do not realize that there is an alternative path which provides for a higher level of success.

Our philosophy is to be ahead of the curve using Long Term Athletic Development and Personal Enhancement Programs to keep players moving forward as we long ago recognized that traditional approaches leave far too many players behind.
On the traditional path, only 5 – 6% of HS varsity players will advance to the next level. In our program we average a 90% success rate with our HS varsity players.

Come find out how and why.

“I have found that when they are given positive and correct instruction with a dose of laughter and motivation thrown in they will excel and flourish quite quickly”. My point of view is that they already possess the skill…. we just need to help them unleash it, or re-discover it.

The Top 10 Dominican Baseball Academy is a player first, developmental based organization. We are not focused on chasing plastic trophies weekend after weekend.

We believe that education and knowledge (not only in baseball, but also in life situations) is the bridge that links the gap between kids WANTING to be successful and teaching them HOW to be successful. This is done in an environment that encourages mistakes in practice. This allows the freedom that all athletes need to be successful when faced with the pressures of competition. These lessons will then be carried to other parts of their life.

Our success will not be measured by tournament wins, or trophies, or team rankings. It will be measured by the number of lives our players can impact positively after they leave our program.

I have been blessed to be around some great minds both on and off the baseball field. My baseball philosophy is a careful blend of those successful minds and we want to share that knowledge with all families and players.

Coach Jimmy.

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