Team Development

Team Development Programs

As a team visiting the Dominican Republic you have a number of options on what type of trip your team will experience and enjoy. 
Some teams come for the fun and the overall experience of International Baseball while other teams who are genuine road warriors are coming for big game action.
Either way we can make it happen regardless of your budget. Excluding airfare, 7 day baseball trips can be arranged for as little as $450 per person.
All of our Team Programs are “All Inclusive Packages” which include:
  • Airport Reception
  • Airport Transfers
  • Anatomical Assessment on arrival
  • 5 Tool Evaluation on arrival
  • Semi Private Housing
  • 3 Meals Daily
  • Bottled Water
  • Professional Coaching Daily
  • Metric Evaluations on Arm and Bat
  • Morning Conditioning Workout
  • 5 Tool Development Daily
  • Group Instruction
  • Team Practices
  • Clinic Style Instruction
  • Games
  • Practice Jersey
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pool Access
  • Access to Training Equipment 24/7
  • All Ground Transportation required for games and practices
As the Coach or Travel organizer for your group here are a few questions for you which will help clarify how the trip should be approached.
Question #1: What is the focus or theme of the trip? Is it to compete in a International tournament environment, or is it for improvement and the overall baseball and cultural experience? We can field elite level academy teams or local travel type teams depending on the talent level you desire to compete against. 

Question #2: What level of accommodations best fits the groups budget and travel expectancies? The Dominican Republic is famous for its all inclusive beach resorts that offer luxury 4 star accommodations. Or maybe this is more of a business type trip with a limited budget in mind. Either way we can develop a program to fit your needs.
Question#3: Based on the age and maturity level of the group how does the Coach want to handle housing and transporting the players and parents? Together or separate? Usually it is best if the team travels together on the same flight. Local ground transportation can be accommodated a few different ways.
13U teams and younger usually have their parents and families travel on the same bus with them. 15U and older teams usually make arrangements to have a separate bus for the parents and families. 14U teams are on the bubble and end up doing do it both ways based on the maturity and chemistry of the group. Some coaches prefer that the players and coaches travel as a team on one bus and the parents and families follow on a different bus. We can accommodate your team either way.

Question #4: How would you like your daily transportation set up? Daily field and excursion transportation can be done by luxurious coach travel or by standard coach travel.

Question #5: How would you like to arrange the daily meal plan? Meals packages can be arranged in a variety of ways based on your budget. From hotel buffet to restaurant dining to box lunches or combination plans, we can make it happen. 

Question #6: What level of competition would you like to face? We can arrange MLB academy prospect competition, tournaments or local team competition.

Question #7: What is your ideal schedule? How many games do you want to play?

Question #8: What additional excursion or activities would you like to include for the players or the adults during the off time? Beach Trips, Golf, City Tour are among the favorite leisure activities.

Weekend at the beachLocal Beach in Juan DolioMetro Country Club, Los Marlins Golf CourseGuavaberry Golf and Country ClubBaluarte del Conde, Spanish Military Stronghold in Santo Domingo

Here are our 4 Basic Team Programs to consider from:

Vacation Tournament Package: This is an 8 day / 7 night program featuring team practices, professional training, a 5 Game tournament series and a cultural tour package.
Option A: 5 Star Luxury Beach Resort – All Inclusive
Option B: Academy Dormitory – All inclusive
Barnstorming Classic: This is an 8 day / 7 night program where your team will travel to 3 different towns to play Dominican All Star or Academy Teams.
Team Development Package: This is an 8 day / 7 night program featuring 2 intense training sessions daily under the supervision of professional coaches, 2 doubleheaders and a tour excursion.
Group Training Program: 6 Players or more arrive together for intense daily training and skill development.
General Trip Information:
  • All persons will need a passport with at least 180 days until expiration.
  • No visa is required as it is automatically issued when you purchase an airline ticket.
  • Departing Florida, Spirit, Jet Blue and American offer non stop service to Santo Domingo.
  • Round trip tickets range between $275 – $450 PP from Florida.
  • No Covid or vaccination requirements exist at this time for entering the DR.
  • The team would usually be arriving at the Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo.
  • You would be met by our representative at the airport and buses to take you to your hotel or to the academy.
  • We can customize your baseball and leisure schedule as needed to suit your group.

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