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Brian Korpi

Dear Coach, I have never seen a coach prepare his team better than you do. You get more out of your players than any coach I have ever seen. Thank you again for everything you have done for my son Wade and my family over the years. And of course the 3 trips we all made to Cuba together were UNBELIEVABLE!

Terry Wray

Coach Jimmy, We had a great day on the field with you. You have “super control” over the kids and there were so many positive things I hardly know where to start. Thank you so much for working with our students. The kids say that you are the BOMB.

Mike Vass Sr.

Dear Coach, The Jimmy B Baseball Camps paid off big time this weekend in our house. Mike just signed a full baseball scholarship with RENO NEVADA, a Div 1 school this week. All those hours in your garage smacking balls did the trick. We miss you very much, and wish you continued luck in Florida and DR. Thanks again for everything.

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Client Testimonials

Kim Morrison

Coach Jimmy, I cannot thank you enough for all of the time you have given our son. I have never seen anyone dedicate more of himself to players the way you have. Most coaches you come to a lesson at 12 and you maybe get 30 min of real lesson time. With you, the lesson was only over when my son accomplished what he was being taught. Wow…. what a dedicated coach. I have even witnessed you go over to a kid that was doing something incorrect and you will spend 20 min with him at no charge just to make sure he does it correct. I wish I would of gotten my son to you a few years earlier….. what a power house he would be. We are still working to reverse all the old bad habits he has developed over the years of incorrect training but you have never given up on him and for that I thank you. So all I can say is thanks Coach because your the best! Kim Morrison


Dear Top 10 Recently, we had the great fortune of having our son meet and workout with Coach Jimmy. Our son currently plays college baseball on full scholarship and is looking to move to the next level. Since he was 12 years old, our son has had the extra benefit of having been instructed by numerous ex-MLB players. However, we knew something was missing but we were not sure what it was. After 2 days of instruction with our son, we realized Jimmy is by far the most knowledgeable baseball professional we have ever met. Jimmy is a consummate professional in every sincere of the word. He has an ability to explain clearly and concisely vitally important basics that we were not even aware of, which was shocking to us. Jimmy's revolutionary approach to instruction has changed our son's approach to the game forever and we are very excited to have Jimmy as part of our son's life, going forward.

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