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The Development Solution

If we are interested in success, nothing is more important than the Process.
The Process that can get you there is KING.
It is critical that you develop a comprehensive Process.
Selecting the correct process will be the most important decision you as a parent on behalf of your sons baseball future.
It is natural and logical that a parent might believe that participation in team events such as practices, games, tournaments, and holiday camps make for a good process. 
And by augmenting that process with private lessons surely this should be enough goes the logic of a caring parent.
Unfortunately this recipe will not work as there are too many missing ingredients and the ingredients named, although useful were combined in the wrong order. 
For instance, when we bake a cake we don’t start with the cherry on top or the frosting, which is what games and tournaments and showcases are. 
And because many players will experience some success, the lack of a thorough process does not present itself so visibly and with all of the fun, excitement and trophies parents become hypnotized to a certain degree and they think the process is working. 
Well, you do have a process which has created some success, but it is only part of the process, and without all of the supporting pieces it  will not create success for over 98% of the players if we are talking about college baseball opportunities. The Process of Player Development is so much bigger and comprehensive than games, tournaments lessons and showcases. 
That is just the visible tip of the iceberg. What is not easily seen are all of the other types of training needed to create an elite baseball player.
The Process that delivers consistent professional results more than any other is detailed, comprehensive and it starts with: 
1. A well devised LTAD PLAN. In the best scenario this program is programmed by an experienced Director of Player Development who has playing, coaching, managing, administrating, and scouting experience.

2. The second major component is a 5 season Periodization Program, again  planned by an experienced professional.

Then within those 2 guiding programs he will integrate:
  • Anatomical Assessments
  • Professional 5 tool evaluations
  • Athletic Training
  • Multi Sport Development
  • Gymnastic Training
  • Body Movement Training
  • Cross Training
  • Plyometric Training
  • 3 Plane Movement Training
  • Makeup Training
  • Vision Training
  • Nutrition
  • Isometric Speed Training
  • Thoracic Flexibility Training
  • Dorsiflexion Training
  • Hip Flexor Training
  • Hand and Eye Coordination Training
  • Footwork Training
  • Agility and Lateral Movement Training
  • Strength Development
  • Fast Twitch Fiber Development
  • Rotator Cuff Development
  • Metric evaluations
  • Slo mo kinematic sequencing evaluations
  • Yoga
  • Positional Development
  • Team Development
  • Personal workout routines
  • And very importantly 3 – 4 months of active rest per year, among other things.
The process includes overlooking and ignoring rankings,  showcases and seemingly important games until the college money is within reach as a Junior or rising Senior. 
Learn how to say “No thank you” to flattering invitations especially if you have a strong arm or you are a pitcher. 
An important part of the process is taking 3 – 4 months off and learning how to say no  once you have established that your son does have potential. 
For the parent who has his ego involved, this is hard but it needs to be done. Learn how to say no.
Yes, participate, get your feet wet, have some fun, get some tournament experience but do not for a moment think that this is a critical part of the process.
BTW… If those people who do rankings were that good they would be working for MLB – not selling you weekend hype.
Follow the path of Noah Miller who was never selected to an important Showcase event, overlooked completely by Perfect Game and Prospect Wire and everyone else, who just worked his butt off and and was the #36 selection in the 2021 draft earning over a million dollar signing bonus.
The experts predicted the draft order recently, but they overlooked multi sport athletes, cold weather guys, guys with no stats but who had tools and were projectable and athletic dudes, and their draft predictions tanked. MLB evaluators  and colleges do not believe that hype you are paying for. They have very little credibility outside the realm of instagram and their own web sites. 
Stay away from coaches and programs hyping big tournaments, championships, trophies and points.
Learn about the processes needed to become an elite athlete and spend your time and hard earned money  with wisdom. 

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