Training Videos

Educating players, Coach Jimmy’s extensive knowledge is shared to players to understand where they need to be then how to get there!

Beach Training, of course looks fun but much harder then it looks! Players need to toughen up to climb to the next level! It is a GRIND let us assure you!

Parents, get to see and know EDUCATION is very important, we have the total package. Our videos are not Hollywood staged.  It is not just hitting and throwing balls!!! A successful athlete needs to be knowledgeable about being a real man this is best taught by respected compassionate Educators.

This example of Brandon explains how to keep a players health safe and take him to the next level! A players body needs to be protected against abuse from even doing small things incorrectly!

Top 10 DR Baseball Academy has been pandemic safe with no one being nor getting sick. Players attending have not missed one day of important training!

Educating players about nutrition and body styles!  Explaining how important to understand what coaches and scouts look for! EDUCATION + Training is what we give!

Morning Dynamic Grind Warm Up! Important start of daily training!

Training, Training, Training and practice, practice, practice,  3x daily to hone the skills and make a player an athlete! This is a real baseball academy no fluff!!!