Travel FAQ

Yes, with at least 90 days until expiration.

Your 30-day tourist visa is automatically issued to you when you purchase an entry ticket from the airlines. In reality, you will never see the visa and you will not need to do anything. It’s automatic.

No, nothing is needed to travel to the DR.

We are goint to the caribbean. The weather will be warm and mild. You will need all your baseball gear and lots of practices attire. Also, we will send you a detailed list of what to bring during your registration process.

In your checked luggage. Otherwise, bats are not allowed.

We suggest that you rent a car if you are a good driver. This can be done at the airport or locally with our help.

Some parents stay at the academy in our VIP rooms or can upgrade to a luxury all-inclusive beachfront hotel or Airbnb.

No. We will have a translator with us and some of the coaches are bilingual. Also, we teach English and Spanish classes 3x a week.

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